DJ Dacha - She Was In The Club - DL 91For the end of this year I mixed one more Soulful House DJ Mix that I simply named She Was In The Club. As always, I was looking for some new exciting house music, some new soulful producers and singers that I never heard of before and I found it. I collected bunch of new tracks that I mixed here, enjoy some of the best and current faces in deep and soulful house: Dimi Stuff, Anthony Poteat, RedSoul, Chelle, Jonathan Meyer, Billie Jean, Tony Momrelle, Timmy Regisford, Lynn Lockamy, Island Groove, John Khan, EmmaDiva, Earl Tutu, YSE, Frank H. Carter III, Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas, Agei, Aldo D'Agostino, JoioDJ, Wondress, Mitch Matlock, Marco Finotello, Maggie Smile, Marco Bocatto, Veronica, Michele McCain, Longfield, Fabio Tosti, Donald Sheffey, Ayah, Scott Wozniak, Kinetic, O_so_t


  1. Dimi Stuff, Anthony Poteat - Lets Go Back (Original Mix) SoulDeep Inc. Records
  2. RedSoul, Chelle - LoveLovelove (Main Mix) Playmore
  3. Jonathan Meyer, Billie Jean - Breathe (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix) Super Soul Music
  4. Tony Momrelle - Fly (Reel People Remix) Reel People Music
  5. Timmy Regisford, Lynn Lockamy - At The Club (Sean McCabe's Slummin Mix) Tribe Records
  6. Island Groove - What I Love H&M Records
  7. John Khan, EmmaDiva, Earl Tutu - Lean On Me (Guido P Atmosphere Mix) HSR Records
  8. YSE, Frank H. Carter III - Someone Like You (DJ Bene's 'Do Not Rewind It' Remix) Lost My Dog
  9. Soulfunktion, Kenny Thomas - Sexy Girl (Dolls Combers I Like It Remix) Check It Out Records
  10. Agei, Aldo D'Agostino - Two Stars (Fun-K-Mix) Muzicasa Recordings
  11. JoioDJ, Wondress - Love The Music (Original Mix) Dejavoo Records
  12. Mitch Matlock - No Apologies (Scott Diaz Funky Dub) Rejoice Records
  13. Marco Finotello, Maggie Smile - Lovely Day (Original) MusicaDiaz Senorita
  14. Marco Bocatto, Veronica - Majestic (Original Mix) SoulDeep Inc. Records
  15. Michele McCain - Quando, Quando, Quando (Earl TuTu & John Khan Remix) Welcome To The Weekend
  16. Longfield - I Won't Let You Go Away (Defined Remix) Soul Mjuzieek Digital
  17. Fabio Tosti, Donald Sheffey - It's All About the Music (DJ Fopp Soul Dub) MusicaDiaz Senorita
  18. Ayah - I'll Be Waitin' (Scott Wozniak Remix) Exemplary Music Makerz
  19. Kinetic, O_so_t - Let Me Be the One Soul Candi Records

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!