Danylo - Before I TryThis is my 2nd release for my Deeper Link label, it's a EP with 8 tracks that I named Before I Try. With some spare time to work on my latest tracks that I started years and years ago, I finally focused and finished it. I worked on this EP only with Cubase, and I forced myself to work more on production tricks. If you compare it to my first release, I think you can feel and hear progress, and funkiness in my new production. It's gettin' better! For 2nd and 4th track I borowed some deep vocals and you'll recognize it for sure. Fifth track is happy little tune, and last two a little bit darker. I hope you'll find it interesting!

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  1. Shut Up And Play That Guitar
  2. Lost In The Sound
  3. Funky Samples
  4. Slow Down (Just Feel The Rhythm Of House)
  5. So Get Ready
  6. Tribal Jazz
  7. Bass Attack
  8. Alright Now