DJ Dacha Keep Going So Strong This is my last DJ mix for 2013. I collected some new soulful and deep house music and you'll see (as always) some brand new producers and singers that I never mixed before. Dig here and you'll find one more DJ set worth downloading, for all of you house music lovers - Happy New Year and enjoy: Richard Earnshaw, Jeremy Juno, Sixth Sense Music, Sandy Turnbull, The Lewis Project, Rhemi, Copyright, Jody Findley, Gianni N, Terry Lex, Keeling House, Denis Bjorn, Enzo Veronese, Ross Couch, Soul Power, Audio Jacker, Harry Wolfman, Deetron, Ben Westbeech, Terry Lex, Mark Stone, Jero Nougues, Christi Mills, Chris Eyia, Pavel Svetlove, Max Dyuryagin, Anna Korona


  1. Richard Earnshaw - iCulture (Main Mix) Decade
  2. Jeremy Juno - Just Say No (riCky inCh Remix) BQ Recordings
  3. Sixth Sense Music - 6th Avenue (Sixth Sense Deep Mix) House Tribe Records
  4. Sandy Turnbull, The Lewis Project - Ride On The Rhythm (Phaze Dee Vocal Mix) Solid Ground Recordings
  5. Rhemi - I'm Losing You (Amped Organ Mix) Rhemi Music
  6. Copyright, Jody Findley - Sacrifice Defected
  7. Gianni N, Terry Lex - Deep & Smooth Push On Music
  8. Keeling House - Your Time (Remix) Habitual Grooves
  9. Denis Bjorn - Soulart (Original Mix) SpekuLLa Records
  10. Enzo Veronese - Love and Joy kluBasic Records
  11. Ross Couch - When The Sky Falls Body Rhythm
  12. Soul Power, Audio Jacker - Keep Going (Original Mix) Soul City Digital
  13. Harry Wolfman - Booty Call (Pete Dafeet Remix) Tenor
  14. Deetron, Ben Westbeech - Rhythm (Karizma's Kaytronik Wiv'em Remix) Music Man
  15. Terry Lex, Mark Stone - True Emotion Push On Music
  16. Jero Nougues - Jack & Cola (Nacho Riveros Deep Mix) Di One Music
  17. Christi Mills, Chris Eyia - Spoken Deep (Original Mix) Broken Records
  18. Pavel Svetlove, Max Dyuryagin, Anna Korona - Don't Forget (Chris Deepak's Windy City Dub) SoulDeep Inc. Records
  19. About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!