Soulbreeder - Aliens are ComingCold Mediacation, Opening track for this EP is nothing more than some kind of EDM, and Real House Music at the same time. I just wanted to do the both genres at the same time. Track has strong bass line and alien alike sounds with great rhythm and percussion. It is a classic acid house track that you're looking for you're crazy DJ set opening! Second most popular track is “Allen Corrosion (Deeply Influenced Mix), also acid inspired track. It has bunch of alien synth sounds and nice melody, followed by dope rhythm. Deep, tech, futuristic, house music, with a lot of samples and 2036 year sounds! Third track No, Know Exactly What I'm Doing, is a very deep house track. It’s a personal ultra mega hit! It'll take time to digest it for many listeners, but when you get it right, you're hooked for the life! Breakbeat House, Different House Genre, Deep, Dark, Techy, digestible. And, the last track from this EP, funky breakbeat house track, also comes with bunch of alien inspired synths, enjoy!

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