Danylo - House for Home ListeningThis is DJ Dacha's latest and 2nd album House for Home Listening. This is something for all of you House Heads who are constantly searching for some new, Different House Music. As the title of the release suggest, this music is something for your personal enjoyment at home. I know, it will be rarely played in the clubs or at the venues until 2020 (I hope someone will prove me wrong). So, turn it loud on your headphones or home speakers, and dive into House music that you never heard before. It's 4/4 House, Jazzy, Deep and just a bit Soulful. In short, it's pure beats and raw rhythm, just what you need for your body and your soul. There are 12 original tracks plus two instrumental versions, enough music for a deep and long traveling with Danylo.

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  1. Chess (Club Version) (YouTube Video)
  2. Tabula Rasa (2016 Rework) (YouTube Video)
  3. I Wanna Do This All Night (Tecongas Mix) (YouTube Video)
  4. Our Problem is Civil Obedience (YouTube Video)
  5. Bass (He Said) (Wobble Bass Remix) (YouTube Video)
  6. Afrika (YouTube Video)
  7. Brrrrraaa (Urban African Mix) (YouTube Video)
  8. 1 2 3 4 (Hit It) (Aaahhh Mix) (YouTube Video)
  9. Burning In My Soul (The Siren Song) (YouTube Video)
  10. All Those Girls (Late Night Remix) (YouTube Video)
  11. Stop and Go (YouTube Video)
  12. Our Problem is Civil Obedience (Instrumental) (YouTube Video)
  13. Afrika (TehBud Pass) (YouTube Video)
  14. I Speak In Special Occasion (Raw Cut) (YouTube Video)