DJ Dacha - Deep Sugar Bone - DL55Less vocals and more electronic = deep sugar bone. I love good tech and deep because it's a pure energy music, you can feel it or not.  There's not too much soul in it, but you'll want need it on this one.  So, I prepared this tech deep DJ mix for tech house music fans, here we go: Fish Go Deep, Izmo feat. Dirty Rum, Alton Miller, Johnny Fiasco, Gabriel Black, Mr. Mama, Movido, Haldo, JT Donaldson, Goodfellas, David Crops feat. Marina Claire, Kinky Movement, Knee Deep, King Kooba, Jake Island feat. Alec Sun Drae...


  1. Fish Go Deep - Binary Deep V1 goDeep Recordings
  2. Izmo feat. Dirty Rum - The House of Deep Little Angel Records
  3. Alton Miller - Higher S.E.E.D. Recordings
  4. Johnny Fiasco - I surrender (Deep Dub) Klassik Fiasco
  5. Gabriel Black - Love is a Crazy Thing Tangible Recordings
  6. Mr. Mama - Ensemble 616
  7. Movido - Sugar Bone Loveslap! Recordings
  8. JT Donaldson - Shout It Out Kolour Recordings
  9. Haldo - Maceio (Julius Papp Sunrise Remix) Transport Recordings
  10. David Crops feat. Marina Claire - Feel My Deep (Original Mix) Nu Deep Music
  11. Goodfellas - Crunk Fonk Bump Shop Music
  12. Kinky Movement - Freak Trip Amenti Music
  13. King Kooba - Let Me! OM Records
  14. Knee Deep - Sweet Love Kneedeep Recordings
  15. Jake Island feat Alec Sun Drae - Do It Like This (Shur-i-kan Remix) Toolroom Longplayer

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