At the first exYU DJ competition I won the first prize, GeminI DJ mixer (which I later sadly had to sell to pay the rent when I needed money). The competition was held in the Underground club in Belgrade and lasted for two days. This event has undoubtedly started a new chapter on DJs in our country, and for me it created an opportunity to make even better appearance on Belgrade scene. The fact that these kind of happenings started a new tradition in Belgrade and Novi Sad (where I was one of the jury members) proves that DJing is unstoppably started to emerge on the scene as a career in our small country.

In the atmosphere created after NATO air raids and Slobodan Milošević’s regime fall, our country finally got some perspective and I focused more on computers where I discovered endless possibilities in multimedia design and communication. I was more and more online, and after a while I started working with software for web and multimedia presentations. Huge experience that I already build in digital audio production gave me a certain advantage that I used while creating multimedia CD ROMs and internet presentations in FLASH.

In 1999 I launched NSclubing, very first Novi Sad's web site dedicated to music, clubbing and urban life style. This site was simple guidance for city's night life and events. You could find information on domestic DJs, parties and time schedule for your favorite radio shows. This was quite revolutionary in the country at that time where only 3% of population had computers and almost nobody uses internet, but I wanted to start this site anyway. As the year of 2000 was approaching and after I learned some new skills, my main goal became a creation of the new website that focuses on clubbing & life style that comes with it so I created...

LIFE STYLE was more complex website with some educational and informative content. Next to info about radio shows and local DJ scene, you could find out what's new in film, local theatre and check out some links for other interesting web destinations. It was a FLASH animated website with attractive layout and better defined topics that started to attract more and more visitors even from abroad. Because we naturally mentioned and promoted our web site on our radio shows, radio management wanted from us (me) to pay for "advertising" if we want to continue with Life Style website promotion on IN radio. Since website was non profitable and I spent so much time working for free on this radio station, I decided to quit. That was insulting for me and I didn't want to continue work there since they didn't even appreciated my work.

When I finally decided not to waste my time with boring and dishonest people anymore, life and work in the country got some perspective. With my lovely wife Milly and our closest friends Sandra & Nebojša Kević, we established an independent operating non-governmental organization. Main purpose was to nurture and develop artistic expression with an attempt of introducing digital media as an art form. Milly did all hard work with registration and I was doing our new website and design preparation, and NGO MEGACORP was born. Shortly after we start with our first project simply named PROJECT GO!

Our first project was realized in close cooperation with Goethe Institute and was implemented into the closing night of the first Novi Sad's EXIT festival in 2000. It was all about sending the message to young people, message for desperate change in our country through art form. After the event, I created a multimedia CD rom and website, it was a professional presentation of our work and I spent a lot of time on it. NGO MEGACORP by the end of the year 2000 starts working on its next project. IFOMA (International Festival Of Modern Arts) establishes its first opening by gathering great number of artists (musicians, painters, performers and guest DJs) for one night in well controlled environment demonstrating its power through multimedia. The idea is to create a cultural platform where artists from different cultural backgrounds can meet and exchange their diverse artistic expressions offering a deeper kind of insight into where are we heading to..

While I was working on our NGO Megacorp projects, at the same time I was pushing out my first promo DJ mixes because I wanted to present my style of music and DJ mixing skill to much wider audience. Besides sharing it to my friends and clubbers, I wanted to go online with my DJ mixes and maybe make few new connections there. After I mixed couple of mixes and prepared some content and some pics, I decided that is time to make my first personal website. I was finally able to present my own work and standard of quality house music. It was a small simple FLASH website which I hosted at my local provider but it looks like it was a good move for my promotion.