DJ Dacha - Imagine Music - DL34This mix was inspired by Davidson Ospina's track "Imagine Music". After I collected a few more, I decided that is time to mix one nice deep DJ mix. Thanks to the House Music, I still exist as a happy man! That great deep and soulful house music, great deep house producers and singers such as: Jaymes Samuel, Markus Enochson, Ultra Nate, Steal Vybe, Fanatix, Graceland, Chuck Love, Shik Stylko... Supacool drive


  1. Jeymes Samuel - When It Rains (Restless Soul Peaktime Vocal) Giant Step Records
  2. Markus Enochson feat Aaron Phiri - You Blessed Me (Dino And Terry Remix) Crash Records
  3. Jada - If You Should Ever Be Lonely (12" Vocal Mix) Code Red Recordings
  4. Sir Piers & Los Amigos Invisibles - She's Gone Away (Hardsoul's 'Main' Remix) Curious Records Ltd
  5. Steal Vybe feat Stephanie Renee - It's Real (Joey Negro Club Mix) Z Records
  6. Breakpoint feat Jon Banfield - Whenever You Want Me (TV Mix) 83 West Records
  7. Fanatix feat Kele Le Roc - Lesson Learned (Fanatix Club Mix) Osiris Music
  8. Graceland feat Billie - Just A Little Bit (Main Vocal Mix) Osiris Music
  9. Chuck Love - Soul Symphony (Original Mix) OM Records
  10. One Track Minds - Essence Of Life (Main Mix) Copyright Recordings
  11. Shik Stylk√ł & D'Stephanie feat Melissa Anckaert - Won't Fall (D'Stephanie Vocal Mix) Refunkt Records
  12. Davidson Ospina feat Henderson - Imagine Music (Davidson Ospina Funky Mix) Sound Division
  13. Magik Johnson - Follow The Groove (Original Mix) NRK Sound Division

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!