DJ Dacha - Deep Lounge - DL09On my visit to New York City in September 2001, first place that I wanted to visit (and where I was hanging out a lot) was this great vinyl store, Satellite Records (R.I.P.). This was "the store", full of superb deep house records with some good European imports, and most of it just excellent domestic US house music that you will never or rarely find in European vinyl stores. So, I grabbed bunch of them each day. After I returned back to Serbia, I mixed first this Deep Lounge mix; Much respect: Teddy G, Kevin Yost, Blue Six, The DHJ Project, Jask, Tropical Deep, Jazz Brazillia, Suba, Bell & Everything, 7 Holland Tunnel, Lugo, Universal Tongues, Jovonn, Hot Lizard...


  1. Teddy G - Brazillia City Mix (Mateo & Matos Deep Mix) Glasgow Underground
  2. Kevin Yost - 7th Heaven (STP "Lucky 7 Remix) Distance
  3. Blue Six - Pure (Jay's Undercover Dub) Naked
  4. The DHJ Project - Your Spirit (Digs & Woosh Remix) DiY
  5. Tropical Deep feat Jazz Brazillia - Jazz Step Waako
  6. Jask pres Thaivibes EP - Heavens Dance Large
  7. Bell & Everything - Dark Matter Shaboom
  8. Holland Tunnel & Lugo - Never Let You Go (Tribe and Devotion Mix) Irma
  9. Suba - Samba De Gringo Paulista (Bigga Bush Remix) Ziriguiboom
  10. Universal Tongues - Let It Go Penetrate
  11. DJ Shine vs Teknostep - Hope Nice + Smooth
  12. Jovonn - Mellow Mondae Dance Tracks
  13. Hot Lizard - The Theme (Love From SF Mix) Pacific Records
  14. Anti Trance Terorists - Who Dunnit? (Original Mix) Creative
  15. Liquid Phonk - Day Dreamer School

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