DJ Dacha - Deep Jazz HouseMike Perras, Rhemi, Lifford, HanLei, Q Narongwate, Alton Miller Djazz Set, Luyo Vince Watson Urbe Deep Connextions, Mr KG, Allen Speedy Jackson, Wally Callerio Rob Hayes, Richard Earnshaw, B. Lauren, Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley, Stanny Abram, Divas Of Color, Evelyn 'Champagne' King, Sean McCabe, Fuzion, Cassio Ware, Soul Creation, Stephanie Cooke, Doruk Ozlen, Mortimer Snerd III

Length: 1 hr 28 min
Release date: 31 December 2016

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DJ DACHA presents
Deep Jazz House
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.135


  1. Mike Perras - Dream4You (Original)
  2. Rhemi, Lifford, HanLei, Q Narongwate - Mask Off (Q Narongwate Remix)
  3. Alton Miller - Inside Out (Original Mix)
  4. Djazz Set, Luyo - Take Five (Luyo 'Roald & Umberto' Tribute Mix)
  5. Vince Watson - Come With Me (VW20 Mix)
  6. Urbe Deep Connextions - Deeply Journey (Deepo Original Mix)
  7. Mr KG - So Gone (Original Mix)
  8. Allen Speedy Jackson - Episode 2 (Original Mix)
  9. Wally Callerio - The Hitchhiker (Original Remastered)
  10. Rob Hayes, Richard Earnshaw - It Is What It Is (Richard Earnshaw)
  11. B. Lauren, Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley, Stanny Abram - Just A Feelin (That I Get) (Stanny Abram Dub)
  12. Divas Of Color, Evelyn 'Champagne' King, Sean McCabe - One More Time (Sean McCabe Dub)
  13. Fuzion, Cassio Ware - The Day That I Stop Loving U (Late Nite Vox)
  14. Soul Creation, Stephanie Cooke, Doruk Ozlen - You're Special (Doruk Ozlen Dub)
  15. Mortimer Snerd III - Black Superhero Music

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