DJ Dacha - Soulful NightsNeedless, Brian Harden, Karen Bernod, Jeremy Newall, Tikki Tembo, Kyla Sexton, Adeola Shyllon, Souldynamic, Kia Stewart, Josh Milan, Shino Blackk, Fantasy, Aircut, Scarlette, OskiDJ, RedSoul, Lyons, LJ, Danism, Arnold Jarvis, Eric Kupper, Paris Cesvette, Room 806, C Robert Walker, Luis Loowee R Rivera, Big Mojo, Deeplomatik, Jay Sebag, JT Donaldson, Fred Everything, Mr. White, Clubique DJ CB, Allovers, Eva Kade, Richard Earnshaw

Length: 1 hr 25 min
Release date: 30 December 2016

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DJ DACHA presents
Soulful Nights
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.134


  1. Needless, Brian Harden - Unnamed Feelings (Brian Harden South Side Chicago Mix)
  2. Karen Bernod, Jeremy Newall - Spirit (Jeremy Newall Remix)
  3. Tikki Tembo, Kyla Sexton - Ride (No Sa Rembo Dub)
  4. Adeola Shyllon, Souldynamic - Revival (Souldynamic Go Deep Mix)
  5. Kia Stewart, Josh Milan - He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
  6. Shino Blackk, Fantasy - Blame It (Blackk Vocal)
  7. Aircut, Scarlette, OskiDJ - Forever In Love (The Remixes) (OskiDJ Remix)
  8. RedSoul - Neo Wine
  9. Lyons, LJ - Looking Up To You (Lyons Club Mix)
  10. Danism, Arnold Jarvis, Eric Kupper - All of Me (Eric Kupper Remix)
  11. Paris Cesvette, Room 806, C Robert Walker, Luis Loowee R Rivera - First Hello (Luis LooweeR Rivera Encore Mix)
  12. Big Mojo - As I Feel Myself (DJ Umbi Deep Remix)
  13. Deeplomatik, Jay Sebag - Just Stop
  14. JT Donaldson, Fred Everything, Mr. White, Clubique DJ CB - Read My Mind (Original Mix)
  15. Allovers, Eva Kade, Richard Earnshaw - Easy 2 Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

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