DeepLink Radio Show 12This last radio show that I recorded and saved for a future ;) is actually fantastic! I got some spiritual, organic & uplifting house sounds here, to lift you up. Everything is deep but energetic, I would say it's great for parties and clubbing, but also for home listening. It's funky but it's jazzy too... a little bit of filtering, few pumping tech tracks... Great mix for night entertainment and parties. Helped by; Marlon D, Sumo, Gabi Newman, Sam & Gigi, Natasha Lew, 12 Fingers, Viviane Cruz, Johnny Fiasco, Joshua.... !!!

DeepLink Radio Show 11Radio show is sometimes much better when you have your crew around, we would listen to some goood house music, play some jingles and listeners would have small funky party with their friends at home, so this interesting DJ mix is for you and me, us. It's more down-tempo and less uplifting and pumping house, but it has that little "hot paprika" at the end. Check out these respected artists; Sumo, Rigas, Nadirah Shakoor, Atelewo, Osunlade, Kolai Krew, Fish Go Deep, Gabi Newman, Jersey Street, Geoffrey Williams, Patrick Turner. Audiowhores...

DeepLink Radio Show 10You know, when it's cold outside sometimes I love to hear good deep techy house mixed with some organic live sound on my radio, that means less vocals and more instrumental music for someone. And, I would drink some nice black tea while I was mixing this techy stuff. And usually it would be rainy night. But it's not everything tech here, mood is getting better with some Latin percussions and rhythms. This mix + tea drinking = good mood. And... Kevin Yost, Hanna Hais, Juan Hoerni, Antonio Ocasio, Marlon D, Demarkus Lewis, Fanatix, Deep Josh...

DeepLink Radio Show 09This thing somehow started deep & dirty, but it will transform to New York House soon. I'll put some great house hits together with it and we'll have excellent mix for night "situations" at the end. And, it has a little bit of darkness inside. Check track listings for info and you'll find some of the best producers around: Subjekt, Joeski, Marlon D, Da Sunlounge, Chus & Penn, Rhythm Slaves, Fudge, Bryan Jones, Steal Vybe, Graceland, Halo, Mr V, Mark Farina...

DeepLink Radio Show 08Grab your favorite drink and relax, music is working for you in this mix. Download and enjoy in deep house music DJ mix, Vocal & deep house production. My favorite drink while I was working on radio was Nestle Ness Coffee and I was enjoying listening to: Soul Central, Crisso Castelli, Copyright, KOT, Jamie Thinnes, Soul Rebels, DJ Ino, Cerrone, Chris Dockings, Oliver Desmet, Ananda Project, Steal Vybe, Richard Earnshaw, Blvd East, Arnold Jarvis...  

  1. MARKUS ENOCHSON feat AARON PHIRI - You Blessed Me (Dino & Terry Remix) [CRASH]
  2. SOUL CENTRAL - Soulfood (Original Mix) [99 CARAT]
  3. CRICCO CASTELLI - La Casa Del Jazz (Original) [SOULFURIC DEEP]
  4. COPYRIGHT presents ONE TRACK MINDS - Essence Of Life (Copyright House Mix) [COPYRIGHT]
  5. BREAKPOINT feat JON BANFIELD - Whenever You Want Me (Main Vocal Mix) [ZOO GROOVE STEREO]
  6. KINGS OF TOMORROW - Another Day (Fanatix Vocal) [DEFECTED]
  8. ANDY WARD and DEEP JOSH - Reach (Saxtrumental) [99 CARAT]
  9. BROWN AND STEVE LITTLEMEN - Changing (Original) [AROMA]
  10. SOUL REBELS - I'll Be Good (Ron Carroll Mix) [DEFECTED]
  11. DJ INO feat YOIO C - It's Around (The Worlds Most Beautiful Vocal Mix) [SEASONS]
  13. CERRONE - Not Too Shabby (Jamie Lewis Goes Disco Mix) [PURPLE MUSIC]
  14. CHRIS DOCKINS - Spread Love (Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix) [SOUL SHINE RECORDS]
  15. STEAL VYBE feat STEPHANIE RENEE - It's Real (Club Mix) [Z]
  16. OLIVIER DESMET - Just Like Heaven [AMENTI MUSIC]
  17. ANANDA PROJECT - Everything You Are (Atlanta Rising) [NITEGROOVES]
  18. GRACELAND feat BILLIE - Just A Little Bit (Vocal) [OSIRIS MUSIC]
  19. K KLASS feat ROSIE GAINES - Dance With Me (DJ Spen and The Muthafunkaz Mix) [SUSU RECORDS]
  20. RICHARD EARNSHAW - Feel Love (Afro Dub Mix) [DUFF NOTE]
  21. THE KEITH THOMPSON PROJECT feat GARY L - Messing With My Mind (Reg's 2005 Edit) [PROMO]
  22. BLVD EAST & LOUIE LOU GORBEA - Luv 4 Money (Brown Sugar Mix) [VEGA]
  23. RSL - The Mast [ITH RECORDS]
  24. ALEXANDER EAST - Meditate On The One - Change Of Mind [PLANET EAST]
  25. DAVIDSON OSPINA feat HENDERSON - Imagine Music (Funky Mix) [SOUND DIVISION]
  26. SHIK STYLKO and D'STEPHANIE feat MELISSA - Wont Fall (D'Stephanie Mix) [PROMO]
  27. RUFFNECK feat YAVAHN - Get It Right (The Backroom Mix) [SOUL GROOVE]
  28. ARNOLD JARVIS - Take Good Care (Sole Channel Vox) [SOLE CHANNEL]

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!

DeepLink Radio Show 07Need some nice easy going house DJ mix for the summer parties? This one is ideal for chill and cool sessions. Spa for ears. A little bit of acid at the end, cocktail with deep, organic, jazzy, silky, house & little bit of tech. Great people running this show; Ananda Project, My good friend Zlatan did remix for my track It's gotta be deep!, also Sound Navigators, Kraak & Smaak, Demarkus Lewis, Soul Rebels, Dennis Ferrer, Mateo & Matos, Blaze, Bobby Blanco, Belezamusica...

DeepLink Radio Show 06I wanted ONLY HITS mix for this radio show, and this mix is just like that. It's starting with some organic spiritual guidance melodies, and then after that you'll hear some latin inspired flavors with funky-near-disco rhythm, always with deepness, bass great rhythm. You'll need some cosy atmosphere to completely enjoy in this one. While I was producing and performing my radio show, I would turn off room lights and smoke something... Great artists; Natasha McBeam, Osunlade, Sabrina Malheiros, Blaze, Paulo Rocha, Amnaye, Deep Josh, Oliver Desmet, Shik Stylko, Acapulco, Davidson Ospina, Aroma Allstars... 

DeepLink Radio Show 05My internet DJ presence gave me some perks, I started to receive promos from producers & DJs around the world. Now I was able to spin some very very fresh tunes and also I was able to test new track on our local dance floors. I played new stuff all the time and they danced ;) Deep, Jazzy, Funky, Techy, check out some names:  Paolo Rocha, MOD, Blaze, Demarkus Lewis, Moloko, Franck Roger, Jazz Sensation, Mateo & Matos, Sunburst Band, Seminal Grooves, Carolyn Harding...

DeepLink Radio Show 04Crowd got hooked on our radio clubbing and house music thing, they loved our radio shows and we've had pretty big influence in our city. We played and organized many great parties. It was important to me to always get some new music and have something fresh, ready for our listeners. This mix is just like that, and you'll find respective artists, such as: Colette, Arnold Jarvis, Herbie Hancock, Magic Johnson, Pepe Link, Chuck Love, Sound Navigators, Jazz Sensation, Mateo & Matos, D'Stephanie, Rasmus Faber...

  1. COLETTE - Feelin' Hypnotized (Kaskade Mix) [OM RECORDS]
  2. WEEKENDER - Quango (Main Mix) [ODORI]
  3. JUNIOR PALMER pres STEPHANIE COOKE - A New Day (Original Mix) [HOME US]
  4. ARNOLD JARVIS - Love Of My Life (Basement Boys) [WEST END RECORDINGS]
  5. HERBIE HANCOCK - Stars (MoD Edit) [PROMO]
  6. MOD - Cocktail Chant (Extended Club Mix) [PURPLE MUSIC]
  7. MAGIK JOHNSON - Rollergirl (Trevor Loveys Mix) [NRK]
  9. PEPE LINK feat MALCOLM MOLLY DUNCAN - Kalakuta (Ma-Yorkins Peaktime Dub) [MOREHOUSE]
  10. CHUCK LOVE - El Divorcee [SALTED]
  11. SOUND NAVIGATORS - Down On It (Original Mix) [BLOCKHEAD]
  12. JAZZ SENSATION - Just Like That (Word Of Mouth Mix) [SOUNDS LIKE SOUL]
  13. CAROLYN HARDING - Pick it Up (Jon Cutler's Distant Vocal) [KING STREET]
  14. JENNIFER LOPEZ - Get Right (Louie Vega Club Mix) [PROMO]
  15. MATEO & MATOS - Comin Your Way [LARGE]
  16. SEMINAL GROOVES - Keep Me Up (Seminal Vocal Mix) [DEVICE]
  17. BRAD HOLLAND - Crazy (Secret Soul Rmx) [ELAN ROUGE]
  18. AUDIOWHORES feat ALEXIS HALL - Subject Of My Affection (Original Vibe) [SOULFURIC DEEP]
  19. D'STEPHANIE - If We (Original Mix) [REALISTIC TRAX]
  21. JOEY NEGRO pres AKABU - The Way (Miguel Migs Mix) [NRK]
  22. SOUND NAVIGATORS - The Vibe (Original Mix) [OLIVE]
  23. RASMUS FABER feat MELO - Get Over Here (Remix) [FARPLANE]
  26. KEVIN YOST - Ever After You (Main Mix) [I RECORDS]
  28. CHUCK LOVE feat FOURFEET - Back In My Life With Fourfeet [SALTED]

About this DJ mix / legal statement >>> All songs in this DJ mix are copyright of their respective owners. If you are one of these owners just contact us, and tell us if you want to be removed. This DJ mix is placed online without any commercial purpose but in favor of all true music lovers. It's all about top House music production. Download and 'Njoy!

DeepLink Radio Show 03This time I brought mostly new music to play on my radio show and since everybody wants to know name of that good track, I got many calls for info. After that I started to post track-listings on my web site. Here are some good names that you'll find here: Weekender, The Rhythm Slaves, Fresh & Low, Demarkus Lewis, Advantage Player, Kraak & Smaak, Brand Holland, Johnny Fiasco... and also my good friend DJ Z with Untitled Deep...