DJ Dacha - WInter Chill - DL59Only one mix for 2010?!? FTW? I was mentally frozen. Many other issues and problems forced me to leave mixing for a year, but I'm back baby!!!! THis one is extra deep, organic house with tech, funky sound. So what's on the plate? Hmmm, let's start with Rhythm Plate feat. Nesreen, tONKPROJECT, George Cochrane, Cubik & Origami, YSE feat Beckford, Ross Couch, Homero Espinosa, Lovebirds, Gabriel Black, Dave Miller feat. Kelly Hayden, DJ Mary & MDR, Demarkus Lewis feat Demetrius Price, Sean Smith, Andrew Phelan & Origami, Harold Heath, C-Soul, Danny Scott

Length: 1 hr 57 min
Release date: 15 Feb 2010
Size: 161 MB

DJ Dacha - Winter Chill

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DJ DACHA presents
Winter Chill
DeepLink Promo Mix Vol.59


  1. Rhythm Plate feat Nesreen
    Tonight (YSE Unique Remix)
    1999 Recordings
    Long Drive (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
  3. George Cochrane
    Good Enough (Original Mix)
    Prismatic Trax
  4. Cubik & Origami
    Bought & Sold (Original Mix)
    Prismatic Trax
  5. YSE feat Beckford
    Lost My Dog
  6. Ross Couch
    Hippies Groove
    Body Rhythm
  7. Homero Espinosa
    Don't Go Too Low (Vernon & DaCosta Remix)
    Illegal Cargo Records
  8. Lovebirds
    Lazy Days Recordings
  9. Gabriel Black
    Chorduroy (Original Mix)
    Tangible Recordings
  10. Dave Miller feat Kelly Hayden
    Give Love
    Motion Music
  11. DJ Mary & MDR
    Running (Original Mix)
  12. Ross Couch
    Bright Lights, Big City
    Body Rhythm
  13. Demarkus Lewis feat Demetrius Price
    Truth (From P60 Remix)
  14. Sean Smith
    Smooth Agent
  15. Andrew Phelan & Origami
    Bounce Step
  16. Matt Prehn
    We're All Funky
    Headtunes Recordings
  17. Andrew Phelan & Origami
    Keep On Jackin'
    So Sound Recordings
  18. Dave Miller feat Kelly Hayden
    Take What You Want
    Motion Music
  19. Harold Heath
    Lost My Dog
  20. C-Soul
    I Was A Fool To Let You
    Bounce House Recordings
  21. Danny Scott
    Lost My Dog
  22. YSE
    Lost My Dog



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