Vinyl-Revival-001I wanted to start this article about Vinyl Revival with a short history of vinyl records, but I decided to skip that part because there are many articles online related to that topic. My goal here is to talk about "return of the vinyl" that is happening in the last few years, there's a big hype that vinyls are back (or will be back) again. For the last couple of years I'm seeing bands promoting vinyl albums on late nite tv shows, internet is full of "vinyl news" and I noticed that more and more electronic music artists proudly advertising their vinyl releases, mostly for DJs. Maybe this article is not interesting for all of you, owners of large record collections, but it may be interesting for others, folks looking to get into this world as a DJ profession. It's expensive to buy and collect vinyl records today, so should you go that way with your music collection? Or, should you stay where you are, and stick with your digital music formats such as CD, MP3, etc?